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"Neoclassical Synthetic"

Some of my earliest experiments with computer-based music composition were attempts to recreate classical compositions with synthesizers. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven... Sometimes I would use original scores and sometimes I would create new compositions which imimated the styles of these classical composers. Wendy Carlos with her "Switched on Bach" was a great influence on me, as was the soundtrack to Kubrik's film "A Clockwork Orange". Here for the first time in February 2022 I have assembled a playlist of my own compositions in this neclassical mode, an album I have titled "Neoclassical Synthetic". - Producer C. Paddy Bryan.

Full album available for download from the Cut'n'Mix Downloads Page

Neoclassical Synthetic (recorded, mixed and produced by C. Paddy Bryan):
1. Planet of Mozart2:17
Planet of Mozart
2. Sci-Fi Orchestra2:43
Sci-Fi Orchestra
3. Frantic Space Escape7:14
Frantic Space Escape
4. Soul Stacker Mechanism4:32
Soul Stacker Mechanism
5. Sentimental Autumn Interlude2:03
Sentimental Autumn Interlude
6. Tumbling Motion2:25
Tumbling Motion
7. Floating Canzona7:14
Floating Canzona
8. Tundra Dome2:26
Tundra Dome
9. Bach to The Future1:27
Bach to The Future
10. Atomic Isle Revisited2:08
Atomic Isle Revisited
11. Classical Techno Box1:16
Classical Techno Box
12. Heartbreak Orchestral2:11
Heartbreak Orchestral
13. Tecnho Babou1:51
Tecnho Babou
12. Xavier Rewired5:32
Xavier Rewired

All tracks from the "Neoclassical Synthetic" album are available for licensing to use as background music in your video productions. Check out the C. Paddy Bryan Music Listing page @

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