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Cut'n'Mix Version 5.4 is now available from the:
DIGIMATICA Digital Media Library.

Videos Intro
This page hosts a series of "How-To" videos demonstrating how the Cut 'n' Mix application can help creative writers generate new ideas through the use of different methods of text randomization and manipulation. The first video explains the basic layout of Cut'n'Mix and shows how to use the application as a cut-up engine (otherwise known as "fridge magnet poetry"). The second video shows how multi-source text mixing combined with word shredding and gluing can help in the process of finding new names for businesses, domains, products or even rock bands. The third video shows how to use the "ROBOPOEM" poetry-generating algorithms to rearrange text into robotic poetry.

Video #1: Cut'n'Mix Basics
The initial purpose of Cut'n'Mix was to provide a computer-based cut-up workspace: to offer a digital approach to the paper-and-scissors cut-up technique which has been used by creative writers for decades. This video demonstrates the cut-up engine function of Cut'n'Mix:

Video #2: Creating New Words And Phrases
This example uses a hypothetical test case scenario in which words are automatically shredded and randomly recombined to help find a new domain name for an online dating service for busy executives:

Video #3: Poetry Generator Functions
The ROBOPOEM functions in Cut'n'Mix package words into a format imitating human poetry or song lyrics. In this video, the Plain, Shakespeare and Jabberwocky algorithms are demonstrated:

The music compositions playing in the background of these video productions have been provided free of charge by the Free Soundrack Music Royalty Free Production Music service.