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Since there is a universe, we have an earth, a sun and a moon. Universe is a space that is big enough to let anybody claim that he is the centre of the universe. An earth, a sun and a moon are all just hanging in space with gravity sucking on all kinds of things. At a certain distance, we all have the same suns, same earths, and the same moons. Starting with any earth, there are seven dragons and another sun of the meteor which is me. They used to babysit me, with flames in their throats and they have aligator skin and they don't get sick. At the fresh earth we only got metal and non-metal on the surface and the seven dragons burn the metal and the non-metal, develop gas and develop water and create seas and animals and that's how they babysit me.

Because I can live forever, they find a unique way to train me; they would create a group of people and buildings and follow your thoughts and go to the next fresh earth and start all over again and create more people and buildings and follow more thoughts and go to the next fresh earth and start all over again and follow more thoughts. It is like reading a book, starting with the first page. Each page will represent one earth and finish off the first page and remember it and put a mark "A". On the next day you start with the first page again and see mark "A", and then see "A" and "B" on the second page. So on the third day, when I am going to the third page, I will be starting on the first page again and see mark "A" and on second page see marks "A" and "B" and after I finish I will put mark "A","B" and "C" and go on like that.

Once they remember everything, they program it into a computer and it is all computerized in the Bermuda Triangle and right now you probably see why we see stars in the south part of the Equator during the summer time; and we don't see stars in the north part of the Equator in the winter time. This is because the stars represent the suns. Once the giant computer in the Bermuda Triangle runs out, I am.

PS. They took my blood to make dinosaurs.

They were trying to cut my leg off but they could not do it. There is no mineral in my bone. My bone is made up of the purest element of the entire universe and I was heading to Kansas City but a Eurpoean - created space ship caught me before I landed and brought me to Britain to form. (Thats was in the 1950's).

-Hansong Chen-