Generate a Ransom note in 2 easy steps using the Cut'n'Mix Word Machine Application

Step 1: Fill the "Output Text Area" with the desired text:

In this example, text is automatically filled into the Cut'n'Mix output text area using the "Author's Fill" button, which gets a random sampling of words from the selected author or type of writing. (In this example, the text comes from a random sampling of cooking recipes.)
Step 2: Hit the "Ransom Note Generator" button from the main button bar at the bottom of the Cut'n'Mix output screen
Shows the output screen filled with words which will be fragmented into letters - each of which is matched with an image of a letter cut out from a magazine or newspaper:

The "Text Effects" button panel, with the ransom note generator button highlighted.
Step 3: The newly-written ransom note is launched in a web browser:

This is a screen capture of a small segment from the browser:

The Cut'n'Mix output from the ransom note generator is a web page (html file) which can be uploaded to a web site. The ransom web page file and associate image files used for the cut-out letters are located on your hard drive in the following location: "C:\cnmfiles\ransomnote\ransompage.html"

Ransom note generation is only one of the many functions you will find in the Cut'n'Mix word machine, unarguably the most unique word processing application known to mankind.