Sneak Peak at ROBOCOLLAGE Version 1.2:

Sensationalism Co. founder C.P.Bryan has been expanding the potentials of the text and image mashup engine "ROBOCOLLAGE". The newest version is to be released in early January of 2015 and features an new user function to allow for users to quickly designate a folder from their disk drive to draw images from. This will allow blending of digital images transferred from cameras without any additional formatting or preparation work. Here is an example of the output of the next generation of automatic collage generatation, entitled

"Hallucination Toreadors":

More information about the ROBOCOLLAGE application can be found @ the ROBOCOLLAGE WEB SITE...

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"Makers" by Cory Doctorow

Remix goes beyond the arts and into the realms of engineering and software development: Cory Doctorow tells the story of two "makers" (engineers, coders, artists all rolled into one) who possess an Open Source vision of breaking down corporate and copyright barriors through the ubiquitous free sharing of information and resources to magnify human potential and build a new post-scarcity Utopian society. A hopeful story of mashup engineering.

This article shows the sometime humorous results you can get from blending the texts of different authors:
When Shakespeare met Seuss: mashing up literature

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Featured Book Review: Mashed-up fiction makes it to the New York Times Best Seller list:
In PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES, postmodern author Seth Grahame-Smith reconfigures the classic Jane Austen romance novel to include brain-eating zombies. Is this a mere ploy to attract today's generation of video game addicted youth to great literature? Or does the original work benefit from being remixed thusly? Enquiring minds want to know eat brains.

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rip! A Remix Manifesto:
This documentary by filmmaker Brett Gaylor digs deeps into the legal difficulties and artistic benefits of using the mashup (remix) process in music and multimendia. Using the framework of a "Remix Manifesto", the film relates the story of an ongoing cultural battle between mighty corporate copyright owners and a new breed of artists who "take the world's culture and transform it into something different". Read more: "...comsumers have become creators, making the folk art of the future..."
What is Mashup?

The first mention of "mashups" that came to my attention was from the music world, where DJs, producers and musicians would combine pre-existing music releases to create a new blended composition. More recently, there was a rush to identify a new generation of web-based applications as "mashup" software: there was much discussion of "aggregrate feeds" or the combination of data from different sources achieved with the use of intelligent programs or "bots" which had advanced capabilities approaching the level of human understanding. This site will not devote much attention to web-based, or business application uses of the term "mashup", but will instead focus on how this concept (or process) is used in visual arts, music and literature. In the artistic realm "mashup" is a process of recombinant art, or "derived" art. Some may call it type of plagiarism which results from the impulse to create paired with a lack of imagination. Others will contend that this process of remixing source materials, whether they be "found sounds", music, text, video or other forms of visual art is a new way of understanding the media-rich environment of the 21st century - even that it may be an essential tool or weapon to combat the incessant bombardment of advertising and coercive messaging. Although mashup can take many forms and is known by many names, the process remains the same: elements of different source materials are mixed together (or "juxtaposed") in a way that either reveals a preiously hidden meaning or creates a new perspective (whether it be critical or aesthetic).

MASHMASHUP is produced by The Internet Annex

Automatic Collage Example
Detail of an automatic collage
generated by the
ROBOCOLLAGE application for
automatic text and image mashups.

Check out the AUDIO MASHUP album from MINTSAUCE, music which slices, dices, blends and mixes:

"Expansion Module"
This newest production from Sensationalism Co
founder C.P.Bryan is a genre-blending
musical mashup of styles including:
opera, trip-hop, jazz and electronica.
Find out more from
MINTSAUCE Expansion Module Home.

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