The cut-up methodology applied to audio compositions:
Experimental remixing and recombining of audio sources to form new compositions has been around long before the appearance of samplers and computer-based digital editing systems: Steve Reich was composing using tape loops as long ago as the 1960s; The musical genre of Dub Reggae popularized the notion of the mixing desk as an instrument where source tracks are heavily manipulated and effected to create new compositions. Esoteric Sensationalism creator C.P.Bryan has been composing audio collages since the 1980's. In the past few years Bryan has been composing soundtrack music for film, videogames and multimedia and posting free mp3s on As of December 2008, a new CD of reworked material is available for purchase @ CD BABY...
New from Esoteric Sensationalism:
FSMXL: "Invisible Throne of Gold"
Invisible Throne of Gold presents 9 new tracks of genre-bending electronic dub mixes. From the warped heavy metal grinding of "Dreaded Taboo Amulet" to the mellow ambient drones of "Wormshead Peninsula", the new eXtended Listening collection of reworked material from the Free Soundtrack Music site defies musical categories and transports the listener to hallucinatory audio landscapes of amazing detail and texture.

To preview or purchase a copy of the CD, check out the FSMXL Page at CD BABY