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Empirical Death Spray

Acquaint yourself with real disquietude:
Examine the reflexive mask isolating
mechanical thought from it's Conscious Predecessors
Slow NOW
Turn that Statue of Doubt
(however scarred and clever)
Return it's addictive technologies to center stage
Search it's functions for answers
(any emerging equations)
Although most assert it's inventions are pure and sound
Never assume to know it's true market

The brain examines the psyche
What magnitude of knowledge surfaces?
A single, deterministic truth
(such that you could scratch a system diagram in pencil)
Or would certain common characteristics
Like anguish, pride, and pain
Appear as objects orbiting the individual
in sparse barely visible circles?
Can compassion for the GODDESS manifest in binary true/false on/off states?
Will time ever reveal the truth of such connections?

Technology handicaps human capability
through concealed programs
hungry for spiritual material
Mechanical patterns control the subject's course
with sensuous pictures of comfortable, predictable behavior
This lowers tolerance for the Confusing Perturbations found
in the "Natural World"
This means our character loses the will to commune with what is now the enemy:
the far - ranging disheveled realm of natural experience

Retrieve from DNA memory
(the mental state of a simple machine)
A person (the culture - bound features of an animal)
Trained to observe life in linguistic terms
Separates needs and necessary works:
Classifies portions of consciousness
Producing a chain of thresholds between
Uncertainty and Information
The principal ability to summarize context and recognize position

Historical ignorance
Structures experience
EveryOne's pain derived from a
Common System of "Time"
Current utterance documents
A database of elements
Designed by confidence artists

Estranged from the church of the TRUE CONSUMER
Where brothers kneel before the great and sick religion of
A new Reformation rejects this cheerful paralysis
(rumpled spirits fixed in the same drama of subordination)
Greater Knowledge lies in the Feminine Principle
Hang theory! Better to case roots into the soil of

Spirits whisper spectral music, their voices evading time
Engaging children's imaginations to watch, question and believe
Embrace these genius lives - this unspoiled world resource
Before decay wears soft their motivations and poignant thought's disposed
A Siege of Deceptions will purge all honor
'til freedom's transformed by Master Extortionists,
extracting morsels of "Significant Interest" for experimental hypothesis
and documented for later discussion

The pleasures of a Paranoid's Exile from logical reasoning:
  1. Baptism by the Highest Truth
  2. The experience of states residing outside the confines of established culture
  3. The treasure of One's Self unlocked from a typical economy of being
  4. Judgements brought forth through the Mastery of Nothing
  5. Obliged by groundless ethics to beseech and declare mournful honors.
"Thousands of wondrous angels
Engineers of the clockwork universe
balancing Transcendent Awareness
Measuring, quantifying THE WHOLE
Somehow dividing uncertainty by meaninglessness
A renaissance of Light and Enjoyment"

Fanciful, Careless, Wonderful Thought!
No shame in this personal vision of a world
possessed by Gay Laughter
A council of skeletons emerge
aiming to preserve the Paradigms of Antiquity
A disciplined display of conceptual matter
whose measured approach fortifies our knowledge
Henceforth each new crisis will generate...

The Idea of God
Conceived in bitter narcotic genius
and digested by Mad Wisdom
Ancients thought up a tyrant being to obey
(Although their acts were already strictly determined by His meditations)
Others cracked the SECRETS OF REALITY
Through inner experiments
Digressing from this ramshackle terrestrial location
(this world of temporal things)
Approaching states
Wherein possibility and fortune give way to CERTITUDE
Every act Endowed with TRUTH.

Manton Aughtney using SHAKESPEARE'S BRAIN