ROBOCOLLAGE is Interactive Computer Art!
"ROBOCOLLAGE" is a Windows application used to create automatic web pages composed of random digital artwork and text. ROBOCOLLAGE creator C.P.Bryan uses this home-grown program to create much of the computer artwork seen in...
C.P.Bryan's Gallery of Digital Art!

New for 2015:

With the recent release of Version 1.2, the application is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD FROM THE INTERNET ANNEX.

How ROBOCOLLAGE Works (in a nutshell)

  • The user designates which pools (input sources) the graphic images will be drawn from. (Version 1.2 Now allows quick selection of a user-designated graphics input folder in addition to the files which have been stored to the embedded database).
  • (For optional text content) The user pastes, auto-fills or otherwise somehow LOADS text data into one of the 5 possible text input areas (or "tracks").
  • (For optional text content) The user selects font face, color and style (plus background color and style) for each text input track to be used in the next robocollage.
  • User selects output file and folder where the web page and associated random images will be deposited.
  • User selects relative weighting of text to graphics by adjusting the probability sliders.
  • USER CLICKS THE "GO!" (Build) BUTTON! and a new random mashup of text and images is written to an html file.

For more information, go have a look at the ROBOCOLLAGE 1.2 Quick Start Guide.