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Cut 'n' Mix For Mac OS X

The Mac version of Cut'n'Mix is a scaled-down version of the Windows version offering the core text mixing and shuffling functions plus word fragmenting, smart replace, random word fill and "author's words fill".

The Cut'n'Mix for Mac interface splits functions into two main section tabs: Input Tracks and Output Mix. Cut-ups can be done at either the individual track level (where only the words from that specific track are mixed up) or at the output mixer level (where words will be randomly selected from each of the available input tracks and reassembled).

Input Tracks:

You can use any of the four available input tracks to do cut-ups. Load some text from a file using the [LOAD FILE] button, or type or paste some copied text directly into the text area. Clicking the [SHUFFLE] button will randomly reposition all of the words in the text editing window. Subsequent reshuffles will continue giving unlimited unique reorderings. The [UNDO] button allows you to return to the last text arrangement. (There is only one level of undo, so you can't step backwards through a history of shuffles, only recover a snapshot of the last arrangement).

File limitations: Only 200 lines of text are loaded from file into the input area at a time. You can use the [SCAN DOWN] and [SCAN UP] buttons to navigate through the contents of large text files to locate the text segments that you want to cut-up. Use plain text files for file loading: custom format word processor documents will most likely show as a bunch of nonsense symbols (unless of course, that is the effect you are looking for). If you want to get text out of special format documents, either cut and paste them into the text area from the associated applications, or resave them as plain text (".txt") files.

Ultra Functions

Each of the four input text areas can be filled with words from one of the three included "ULTRA" functions:
  • Random Fill - fills the input text area with random words from the English dictionary
  • Author's Words - a random selection of words from the writings of selected classic authors
  • Smart Replace - words in the text area are swapped with replacements from the same category (nouns swapped with other randomly selected nouns, etc.) requires that the area is already filled with words

dialog with author names is invoked for "Author's Words"

Word Fragmenting

As with the Windows version, words can be split up into fragments in any of the Input tracks and then reassembled with "glue" in the main Output track. For some tips about why on earth you may want to do something like this, check out the Making Names section of the Windows version user guide.

Output Mix:

The output mixer draws words only from the input tracks, so if the input tracks are empty, nothing happens at the output mix level. There are two selection modes: Random and Sequential:
  • Sequential - Words will be selected from each track in sequence: a word from track 1, followed by a word from track 2, followed by a word from track 3 etc. In this mode, the "volume" sliders at the bottom of the screen have no effect.
  • Random - Words might come from any of the available preloaded input tracks. When all the track sliders are set the same and all tracks are loaded, there is a 25% probability that the next word added to the output mix is going to come from track 1. (Same for tracks 2, 3 and 4). If you max out the slider for track 1 however, the probability that the next word selected for the output mix is going to come from track 1 is much greater than for the other tracks.
Word Size Filter:
Click the LED in the center of this control area to bring up a dialog which allows you to select a minimum word size amount. (The available letter counts are 3,5,7,9 and 12). If you select 5 for example, all words of less than 5 characters are discarded from the output mix.

Download Cut'n'Mix for Mac

Currently, Cut'n'Mix for Mac is free to download and use. Developed and tested only for Mac OS version X. Technical support will be on a low-priority, email only basis, but feel free to send bug reports, comments and suggestions to info@cutnmix.com. By downloading, you are accepting the license terms which absolve the publisher of any legal culpability if your computer explodes or something.

Download Cut'n'Mix for Mac (zipped, 7.2 MB)

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