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A Short Introduction to C.P.Bryan: Author, Composer and Creator of Cut'n'Mix

Born in England to Welsh and Irish parents, I lived in the UK long enough to finish my first year of schooling before my family emigrated to Canada. As a highschool student in the 1980s, I found myself more drawn to the music and culture of my native Britain: although too young to have experienced the initial wave of "Punk" and "New Wave", I immersed myself in the music of the next generation of alternative recording artists. In senior highschool, I also had my first introduction to the works of a writer who would become one of my biggest literary heroes: William S. Burroughs: One day I picked up and scanned through a Burroughs novel while browsing through the public library. I had never encountered anything like cut-up writing before then and the experience was mind blowing...
Those who are old enough may remember Jon Lovitz's whimsical catch phrase "Get To Know Me" from Saturday Night Live (many seasons ago). It is in the same spirit that I offer up this video self potrait: with it's embarassing and perhaps somewhat silly imagery it might capture more of the true personality of the subject than would be the case with something more measured and strategic. The music is a piece from "Stargazer Jazz", a kind of loose collaboration comprised of myself, Steve Lowther and John Bannister...

1990s: I first got involved in producing computer-based electronic music in late 1989 and into early 1990s. I was not interested in computer science courses in highschool, and it was only when I realized what could be accomplished with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) paired with the more powerful and user-friendly next generation of personal computers that I was ready to jump on the computer bandwagon. ("Its more fun to compute!") Having my own computer led to idea that maybe I could create my own automated cut-up program. Thus began my first attempts at programming which produced the first precursors to what is now Cut'n'Mix. (For a more detailed history of the different generations of Cut'n'Mix, check out the Cut'n'Mix Museum Page.) Throughout this period of time I was living the bohemian lifestyle in Vancouver British Columbia, collaborating on music projects and performance art with other like-minded folks... The 80s and 90s were an exciting few decades in Vancouver, which was pretty much the bleeding edge town for experimental-industrial electronic music. This cybernetic frontierism somehow also carried over into the literary world as Vancouver was also home to William Gibson, author of "Neuromancer" - the novel which arguably started the whole "Cyberpunk" genre of Science Fiction. At that time, the darlings of the Vancouver new music scene were Skinny Puppy. Nowadays, sadly, when people think of music from Vancouver they are most likely to think of Sarah McLachlan,Bryan Adams or Michael Buble... But for a different take on things, please check out: D.O.A, The Subhumans, The Pointed Sticks, The Organ - all will give you a different take on a music subculture which will match (if not surpass) the Seattle Grunge or London '76-'77.
The New Millenium: By the year 2000 I had a full-time job as a computer programmer and had set aside my more artistic and creative pursuits. The creative writing and electronic music projects were relegated to hobby status - weekends, evenings and holidays as allowable within the demands of a full-time career in the IT industry. (Although gainful employment does have its perks - thats me in my new Moroccan duds after a trip to Tangier). It wasn't until late 2007 that I was able to rekindle my interests in experimental writing, postmodern digital art and music composition, as part of the process of starting my own business. Two of the main projects of this new startup included a revamped commercial release of Cut'n'Mix and the launch of my own online music subscription service for film and video producers called freesoundtrackmusic.com.

New for 2018: Now there is a central repository for information about developer C.P.Bryan. The DATAREALISM archive contains videos, essays, music and software development projects from Cut'n'Mix creator C.P.Bryan. Find out more about past applications, plus a new proposed system aimed at helping to cure the political dysfunction in today's western "democracies": DATAREALISM.COM.
March 2018 News:
C.P.Bryan started recording and producing music as a teenager. In the years since then, he has been recording and releasing music using a variety of artist names and has also done audio production for other recording artists. Now there is a new web portal to help promote the music and sound production services available from C.P.Bryan. You can check it out here: soundmix.studio.

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